Happy New Year friends! I cannot believe that 2017 is already upon us, but I could not be happier to have a clean slate in front of me. With the new year comes the prime opportunity to set a few resolutions for yourself in order to better yourself. I don’t know about you, but I typically set these resolutions and fail at them a few weeks in, if not a few days! But this year, that’s going to be different. A year and a half ago I met a lovely friend of mine, Becca, who also has a blog, Dreamerseekingself. Becca and I met through school and are coincidentally both half German, half American and leading long distance relationships. I never thought I would meet someone so similar to me, but I sure am lucky to have met Becca. Even though we live super far away from one another we make it a priority to stay in touch as we go through life. We have decided to collaborate on this post, so be sure to check out her Top 5 2017 Resolutions too! 🙂

Finding an accountability partner introduces friendly competition into your resolutions, thus you are truly challenged to better yourself. Becca and I will be holding one another accountable, and giving you 3 month check-ins on how we are doing with our resolutions, all year long! Whether you just have someone text you everyday to make sure you got your workout in or send a motivational quote every once and a while, every little thing helps to keep you accountable.

So, what do I want to achieve in 2017? Instead of limiting what I can do I am choosing to add 5 habits that I think will make me happier, healthier and a better person.


I am really good at picking out the bad things in life and harping on those. Throughout the last months I have tried to better myself in this area and 2017 will hopefully be the year where I learn to be positive and happy with all that I am and all that I have. I live one hell of a life and I need to make an effort to have a more positive and grateful outlook.


If I enjoy doing something, it is not surprising  for me to get it done right then and there, but if I dislike something… well let’s just say it does not get taken care of quickly. Whether it’s calling a customer service line to resolve an issue I had with an order or a big assignment for school, it is my speciality to wait just a little too long to get moving. This year I want to make time management a priority.


I started working out consistently in 2015 and really saw results, both physically and mentally. While I would say that I typically get 4-5 gym workouts in a week, there are weeks where I let my to-do list override the time I spend on myself. This is something that I want to improve upon moving forward. I also want to make a conscious effort to be active in nature throughout weekends, rather than cooping myself up in the gym.


I came across the 5 Minute Journal through following Mimi and Alex Ikonn on YouTube. It is truly what is says, a journal that takes 5 minutes out of your day. I chose to purchase the app version. Upon launching you see a daily quote and then you add an entry in the morning and in the evening. You may also add a photo to your daily entries in order to capture the day visually as well. This journal lays value on expressing gratitude and I think that is so cool! Not only do you capture memories, but you give thanks for everything around you.


I LOVE to read, but somewhere in the last few years I left pleasure reading at the side of the road and instead picked up required reading. Now I realize that with proper time management I could handle both, thus I am challenging myself to read a book a month, so feel free to leave any and all book suggestions below! More recently I am reading a few motivational/self-helpy books such as “The Secret” by Rhonde Byrne and my January book, “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. These have been awesome reads and have really inspired me, but I also love a good old mystery or romance novel too. No matter what there will be at least 12 new books on my shelves (or in my kindle cloud) at the end of 2017!

I have many more goals that I hope to achieve this year, but these are core ones that I will focus on all year long. Stay tuned for a 3 month check-in with Becca in March! I am sure we will have plenty to report out on 🙂

With love,

Lena Marie


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  1. Love the post! Starting a blog is definitely on my bucket list, but probably not something I’ll get around to this year. My big resolution for this year is my kindness challenge. I’m super interested in the journaling app you mentioned! Thanks for sharing sweet lady❤

    1. Thanks Marcy! 🙂 blogging is such a fun and creative outlet. As for your kindness challenge, I think that’s so rewarding! And if part of is wanting to be more grateful, the app is awesome. It does have $5, but it’s worth it when it can change your mindset!

  2. Hi Lena,
    Awesome post! I’m delighted to know that you set some great new year resolutions! Most people don’t even dare to anymore 🙂
    Since you seem to wish to achieve these great goals for your new year, my personal recommendation would be Goals by Brian Tracy. It’s one of those bestselling books that really tells you how to get your stuff right. Please check it out.
    And I simply love your blog (it looks stunning and reads brilliant)!
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thanks so much Saanwal! I will add your book recommendation to my list and let you know what I think. Glad to know you will follow along, I am excited to see where this takes me! 🙂

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