Becoming a Beachbody coach, for me, is a ticket to the life I WANT to live. If you read my recent “life update” post, you will know that I have and am experiencing a lot of change in my life. And as I mentioned in that post as well, I had MANY hesitations to even dive into this in the first place. But, after thinking it through a lot, taking this risk is a huge opportunity for me.


Health and fitness have been an integral part of my whole life. From the little Lena days, my parents encouraged me to get outside, made sure I ate all of my veggies and were great role models. My whole life, my dad has done a military exercise regime, ADDING an extra pushup every year on his birthday! These days that’s 58 whole push-ups! My mom has also always worked hard to find a fitness routine and the proper nutrition that makes her feel good. She did not always have success or feel confident in herself, but she taught me to never give up on my health journey, and that is a lesson no one will ever take away from me.

I ended up being a high school athlete, playing varsity tennis all 4 years! I worked hard on and off the court to better my game, but all under the supervision and motivation of my coaches, teammates, and parents. So, when the state championships were over my senior year, so was the need for all of this training! The one thing I failed to learn after those 4 years was that my body and its health were entirely up to me.

Then came the big move to Germany. This took a huge emotional toll on me and that rolled into a physical toll as well. After a few months, I noticed my clothes were too tight, my face was covered in painful breakouts, and my confidence just was nowhere to be found. My mom and I began running. I eventually added in some short and sweet home workouts as well. While this all made a great difference, it was not until the summer of 2015 that I learned to love health and fitness.

During my first internship with Hagerty and one of the intern perks was using the gym for free. I ended up joining in some classes and found that I loved weight training, HIIT, and a good push from our instructors. Upon returning to Germany in the fall I immediately signed up at a gym and ever since then I made my health and fitness a priority.


When Nadia, my coach, first approached me about joining her team my gut said no. But, then ideas starting flowing and I became intrigued. I thought and thought and thought some more about it and last month I finally joined her team! But why?

From the moment I started getting the serious question of “what do you want to do when you get older?” I knew that I wanted to help people. I initially dreamed of being a dermatologist and helping teens feel confident. Then, I dreamed of becoming a business professional and consulting small businesses. And now I dream of becoming a media professional and helping businesses grow and network. But, I also dream of becoming a blogger and growing and networking my own business too. And Beachbody gives me this opportunity.

MY WHY is:

  • because I get to help others incorporate health and fitness into their lifestyle and reap the benefits of it
  • because I get to give people the necessary tools to make their health a priority
  • because I get to hold people accountable, which keeps me accountable
  • because I get to be people’s cheerleader on the toughest days
  • because I get to encourage people to have a positive relationship with their bodies
  • because I can tailor myself to each individual and can give them what they NEED to be successful
  • because I can promote products that I use and believe in
  • because I can do this job without a degree, without anyone telling me, you CAN’T do this
  • because I can make myself financially free, or at least save for the future
  • because I can work as much as I want, as much as I can handle in my busy life

I have quickly fallen in love with this opportunity. And I know that there is some reason as to why I was given this opportunity in the first place. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me, but I am more excited to see where it takes YOU. Because, I am here for YOU, for YOU to reach YOUR goals.

Besides, my life has been anything but “normal”, so why not continue the trend and find an abnormal way to success? 😛

If you would be interested in joining my next challenge group, comment your email address down below and I will be in touch!

With love,

Lena Marie

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