I remember sitting and writing my March post like it was yesterday, how is April already over?! All in all, April was a great month! Spring is in full force, with lots of April showers, Easter bunnies, and fresh blooms. I also had some staples that I reached for throughout the month of April, keep reading to see what I have been loving!

Lately, I have been loving…


Jeans! Throughout the winter months, I was struggling a bit with the fit of the jeans I had in my closet, but after making my workout routine a top priority, they fit properly again! My current favorite pairs stem from American Eagle Outfitters and Diesel. I prefer a  bit of a darker wash and a good amount of stretch in my jeans. When I purchased my newest pairs from American Eagle, I went outside of my comfort zone and got some with a higher waist as well. These quickly became a favorite pair as I feel like they cinch in the area I am not super confident in. Jeans are my go-to pant whenever I leave the house!

I also had a nail polish color that I wore a lot in April and that was “chubby cheeks” by Essie. It is a beautiful deeper coral tone and the perfect transition from darker pinks that I was still wearing in March!


By doing Insanity Max 30! This month too, this program has kept my going! All in all, it is a 60-day program, and I will be finishing up within the next 2 weeks. My body is not one to show crazy physical differences, but I do feel better. I have been really good at not finding excuses for my workouts throughout April and am planning on carrying that mindset on into this month!

From personal experience, I definitely could not recommend Insanity Max 30 or other Beachbody programs more. I truly have had a breakthrough in my personal health and fitness level these past few months and look forward to continuing the trend and hopefully seeing some abs poke through this summer 🙂 If you ever need some health and fitness motivation, you know where to find me! I am always more than happy to help.


My Little America Backpack by Herschel! This backpack is perfect for long days on campus. It is very nicely padded, has a great laptop sleeve, and is BIG! I find myself spending my free time between classes in the library. This means I take more things with me every day. Sadly these things don’t always fit into my Longchamp Le Pliage tote. This backpack has been a lifesaver. It holds all of my everyday essentials and is also ideal for travel! This bag also serves as a wonderful carry-on bag and just does not disappoint.

Mine is grey, with white polka dots, and the black rubber buckles. I cannot find this design anywhere, so I linked the plain grey one for you 🙂 The price is steep, but as long as you stick to a classic color or print, it will last forever. Not only is the bag stylish, but it’s practical and constructed with those of us with lots of things to carry in mind.


James Patterson’s “2nd Chance” from the Women’s Murder Club series. After reading “1st to Die” in March, I could not help but keep reading the series in April. And to be honest, around April 20th, I noticed that I had barely made a dent in my book for the month. Not wanting to break my new year’s resolution of reading a book a month, I read like a madwoman and this book made is so easy to be sucked in!


Patience. While April was most definitely a great month, there are still things that I am trying to achieve or improve. These things are taking a lot of patience. I had some moments of weakness where I let my frustration overtake me, but for the most part, I went with the flow. I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities I have right now and I just hope that I can make a few of them a reality and achieve some of my goals through them.

What were your favorite things throughout April?

With love,

Lena Marie

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