31 days of July later and here I am again to talk about all of the things I loved throughout the month of July! It was a busy month full hot days, stormy days, and a whole lot of rainbows! To see all of the things I have been loving throughout this month, just keep on reading! 🤗

Lately, I have been loving…


My Fossil Emerson Medium Satchel! 👜 After a semester of carrying around at least my laptop, if not more, I am happy to just be able to wear my favorite satchel! I have had this bag since Christmas and really love it. I would say it is a smaller medium, I do wish it had a little more space. But it does comfortably fit my wallet, my “emergency pouch” (lotion, band-aids, kleenex, wipes, etc.), and a glasses case. I typically throw in some sort of snacks too and my lip color for the day!

On my nails, I wore Essie’s Bikini So Teeny and Island Hopping! Bikini So Teeny is a beautiful vibrant summer blue and Island Hopping is a deep dusky pink tone. Both of these are perfect summer hues, just that Island Hopping is a little tamer and professionally appropriate.


By doing Shift Shop, walking, and swimming! Shift Shop is an incredible brand new program by Beachbody that I LOVE. It is a 21-day program. 3 agility days per week, 3 strength days per week. The workouts in week one are 25 minutes long, week two 35, and week 3 45. I love the intense cardio days, but I also love getting my hands on some weights on the strength days. There is also an awesome core workout that you can add on that really burns!

I also have been making it a priority to get my steps in every day. I do this by either walking all over throughout the day or by going for a walk with my mom in the evenings once it cools down a little bit.

And lastly, my mom got me to go swimming with her! We have a public pool 10 minutes away from us that is, unfortunately, the only body of water ideal to swim in nearby. It has been SO hot though that getting into the water was necessary. I am not a great swimmer though. I am actually scared of deep water! Right now I can swim about 600-800m without feeling completely winded or like my arms will fall off. I absolutely love it though and hope to get better so that I can be more confident swimming in open waters.


Plants! I don’t really “use” plants, I more so enjoy them. But I do use them to make my room prettier! ☺️ I could not tell you the names of them or anything really, besides the fact that they are tiny and cute. I believe that 2 of them fall into the succulent category, which is oh so trendy right now. I just find it nice to have some live plants as decor, rather than continuously having to care for fresh flowers. They are small and easy to care for which is great for someone like me who has no green thumb.


No Excuses! By Brian Tracey. I still am not 100% done with this book, but should be either today or tomorrow. It is a great read for someone looking for motivation to get out of their comfort zone and into the zone of success. It has tons of helpful tips for how to confront your fears and improve yourself. I also love that each chapter has a little assignment at the end that you can apply to your own life. It is definitely not the most entertaining book. It can be rather dry in between, but I do still recommend it to those who need a little push.

You are a Badass at Making Money, by Jen Sincero. After reading Jen Sincero’s first You are a Badass book and falling in love with her writing style, I knew I could not pass up this book. The gist of it is how to make more money with the help of the law of attraction. This too is a great motivational read that pushes you to just get to work. But the coolest thing is how Sincero tries to help you change your mindset about money. Money is a very sensitive topic for many people because they have negative emotions tied to it. But Sincero encourages a positive mindset towards money, which I personally really benefitted from.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. The skinny on this book is basically that Brown is trying to teach you to accept who you are, imperfections and all. She does this well thanks to her background in qualitative research and the countless stories and interviews she has collected over the years. She also had a nice way of summarizing the information within each chapter in a way that you could then apply it to your own life. I particularly liked when she addressed shame, guilt, and fear and it even inspired me to write my own post on shame, insecurities, and judgement.


Successfully finishing my first semester at the Stuttgart Media University! While I don’t have my grades back yet, I still feel good enough to say that it was a successful semester. I was really weary going into things because of my prior college experience. Thankfully, the people I have met and the professors I have are all wonderful people who try to help you, not hinder you. I am so thankful to have found a spot that I believe I can excel in and build my future in!

  1. July 5 & 6. In the midst of exam stress, I really needed to get away from my desk and study elsewhere. One day I went to a lovely little coffee shop called Mission Coffee in Stuttgart and studied together with a delicious iced latte. And the following day I met up with a friend to study at the library. It was great having an accountability partner! Anf, of course, we rewarded ourselves with a lunch out afterward.
  2. July 10. All of the studying paid off and I wrote my last exam! It was on the programming language PHP, web-technology, and databases. Personally, not my favorite courses! But it felt great to finish the exam and I am confident enough that I passed as well!
  3. July 11. I looked frazzled after all of my studying, so today I went and had my hair done! It felt so good to have it styled again and bonus, it smelled amazing. Pampering yourself is always a good way to reward yourself for hard work.
  4. July 24. After my last exam, I still had 3 projects that I needed to complete. Luckily I had most of that time off from work, so I was able to get it all done without being all too stressed. Today marked the due date of the last project and my official freedom until October! AND! I went for a walk with my mom this evening and we were graced with the most beautiful rainbow ever. This was at least my 5th rainbow within 3 days.
  5. July 30 & 31. I definitely did not love these moments, but I wanted this to serve as a reminder that stairs are dangerous! So on Saturday, I had a nice day! We ran several errands and went to a local festival. But I ended the evening by falling down the stairs. Thankfully, my mom was right behind me and was able to help me get back up to our apartment. I iced my ankle for the rest of the night. Upon waking up on Sunday, it was blown up like a balloon and I could barely put any weight on it. My mom saw no other option than to go to the emergency room. Mind you, this was my first time ever going to the ER. I was scared that I had broken or torn something, but thankfully, I did not. It is just a really hefty sprain. I am out of commission for the week as it heals, but am so grateful that it is not anything worse!

And that is everything I was loving throughout the month of July! I look forward to August and all of the experiences it will bring… Including my birthday 🤓

With love,

Lena Marie 💕

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