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You have the choice. The choice to be happy or sad, smile or frown, progress or plateau. Do you realize how powerful having the choice is?

Let’s ease into this.

Not too long ago, I watched an episode of Darren Daily called “Stop Trying to Find Yourself.” I read the title and was offended. I am a 22-year-old college student, what else am I supposed to be doing? But I clicked play anyways and was plastered about how wrong my mindset was. The gist of the video was, you don’t find yourself, you create yourself. This means, that I, Lena Marie, have the choice. 

Life is a series of choices. Choices that make and shape us.

This seems like such a “duh” moment, but look into your soul for a second and be honest with yourself. Are you taking the power of having the choice seriously?

I was not.

I find excuses and shove blame onto others or circumstances without even batting an eye. But, what good does this do? The guilt is shoved on those excuses in that moment, but when I understood this lesson, the guilt was so heavy on my shoulders because I realized that I consistently have the choice to overcome something difficult, but instead, I choose the easy way out.

And that is not who I want to be.

I want to be strong, unwavering, and accomplished.

So here are a few examples of how I am taking charge of having the choice in various parts of my life.

Health & Fitness 💪🏼

I LOVE being healthy and fit. It makes me feel amazing and so confident! But, I am SO quick to find excuses in this area of my life.

My body feels tired and sore? Then sounds like I need a rest day. Obviously, you need to listen to your body and know your boundaries. But, I give into the “listen to your body” thing way too fast and use it as an excuse not to get a workout in.

There is chocolate in the cupboard? Well, it’s food too and should not be wasted! Of course, I need to eat the whole bar now! Yes, we deserve a treat from time to time and balance is key, but I regularly go overboard. If it’s in front of me, I eat it instead of practicing self-control.

I choose to take control of my health and fitness habits. Only when I take care of myself, can I take care of others too.

School & Work

After a long hard road of soul searching to understand what I am passionate about I am finally pursuing a media degree. I am lucky enough to have stumbled upon some amazing opportunities that can get me somewhere in life. All too quickly I allow laziness, fear or imaginary stress swoop in and take charge.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, oh my! What a welcome distraction to the hard, hard work I am putting in, I deserve a break. And off I go swimming in the black hole of the internet losing precious time that could be spent creating my own little empire. Yes, we all need breaks, but we can choose how long they are and not let them overtake everything. That is why I enjoy the Pomodoro technique and often use it when I am working on difficult tasks.

I recently had to make a tough job choice. Basically, I had to choose between plateau or progress. It was either stay in a role not totally relevant to my future or face the hard conversation of giving 2 weeks notice and take the role that seemed to be full of potential. It was hard, but I chose the latter!

I choose to overcome distractions and excuses when it comes to my educational and professional path. Only then, can I rise to the level of professionalism that I dream of reaching.


Life happens and we have to roll with the punches, but we can choose how to react. And this my friends is where I have the most work to do.

I got a cold and I JUST healed my ankle. I just had a cold! Why me again? Can’t it find someone else to bother? I have to work, I have a to-do list! And boom emotional breakdown. I am the victim of a FREAKING COLD! Obviously, it could be much, much worse. But instead of accepting the situation, I chose to be the victim.

Time is never on my side. I get up early enough and all of a sudden I have to leave in ten minutes! I’m still just wearing a towel, my hair is sopping wet, I didn’t eat breakfast, I don’t have a lunch ready and CRAP, I need to get gas! Poor me, why me?! Ugh, why does this always happen to ME?! Again, I am the victim. Hadn’t I chosen to watch all of my Snapchat stories, scroll my entire Facebook feed and take a long shower, none of this would have happened.

I choose not to be the victim. Again, life happens and we have to roll with the punches, but we can choose how to react. I choose to react with positivity, even when it’s super hard.

The choice.

A phrase that has quickly become one of the most powerful in my vocabulary. On this Monday, I want to empower you to make the choice to become who you want to become. Definitely, listen to the words of others along the way, but most importantly, listen to your heart. Your life is in your hands and in your hands alone. Let this serve as a nudge to get out there and chase your dreams.

With love,

Lena Marie 💕

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