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Happy Monday, friends! 🤗 For my Americans, I hope that you are having a lovely Labor Day Weekend! I had a nice weekend myself, but am ready to tackle this new week!

Motivation, room tour? How does that fit together?

Well, it is relatively simple. I believe your space is a huge component to your level of motivation. That is why I wanted to share my room with you all today, as I have experienced this space = motivation problem myself.

When my family moved to Germany exactly 4 years ago, we moved into an apartment that was temporary… so we thought. Here we are in the same apartment 4 years later. It is small rather small, but we make the very best of it! 🤗

I have been in and out of this apartment. For about a year, I lived in another city and had my own apartment there and then I spent a long time living with my boyfriend in the states. Upon returning to Germany and switching universities, I moved back in with my parents.

Also, sidenote: Yes, I am 22 years old and I live with my parents. Big whoop. I live a simple 35-minute train ride away from my university and a 25-minute train ride away from work. It would never make financial sense to find myself an apartment in the city center AND for my parents to have an apartment in the area we currently live in. 

For the first stretch of time that I lived at home, before moving into my own apartment, I did nothing special to my room. I picked out a new bed and closet that matched. The rest of my furniture came from my bedroom in the states which was very different from what I have here. My desk became a place to pile things on. Laundry, shoes, dishes, you name it. I was just trying to overcome this temporary living situation that we all thought this apartment was.

Then, I moved out into my own space due to my previous university being too far away to commute to. It was little, but it was mine. My mom and I went apartment shopping and my parents helped me set up the apartment, just how I wanted it!

This is when I first noticed how having a space you love around you makes a difference in your productivity and motivation.

Then, I moved to the states for 8 months and lived with my boyfriend in his bachelor pad… While I loved being near him at all times, it was super clear that in the future we need to make some compromises to how we want to decorate. The darkness of his house was super cozy which led to me never being super productive at home, plus it hindered me from creating the content I wanted to because the bright, natural light was missing.

This resulted in me really wanting to create my space upon moving back home. And that is exactly what I did!


Immediately, your eyes are drawn to my bed. It is a full-size bed with 4 drawers underneath for storage. Then, you see my workspace and sitting area.

My bed sets the tone for the room. It is white, but also has the natural wood elements that you will see throughout. The “box” you see at the foot of my bed is my hamper, within which I can presort my clothes for laundry day.

The bedside area is home to my IKEA shelf, all of my binders, and other random things. The stuffed animals on top have followed me throughout various stages of my life and are too special to stick into a box. My TV had no other home, but the window sill. It is also not properly hooked up, so all I can do is watch DVD’s, which is actually super handy!


Next up, my workspace. My desk is where all of the magic happens. Whether I am studying, blogging, doing my health & fitness coach duties, or just a sudoku puzzle, this is where I sit! My dad built it to sit on top of 2 filing cabinets which house all of my knick-knacks and paperwork.

The desktop itself is usually pretty clean and I try to make it pleasing to the eye. A monthly calendar that I downloaded from lists all of my to-dos. The postcards on the wall all contain motivational quotes and the succulents give the desk some life. And I would not be able to work without plenty of writing utensils, especially my Stabilo pens!


When I moved into my apartment, my mom suggested we find a chair for me, as my apartment was too small for a couch. And we found this lovely wing chair! It is SO comfortable (I am sitting in it right now) and cozy. I can just reach up to the shelf above me and get some reading material, or I can grab something from my desk to work on as well. I have a power strip right between my chair and my desk that keeps all of my electronics charged and ready to go.


What you don’t see right away when you walk into my room are my wardrobe and vanity! My wardrobe matches my bed and my vanity was a gift from my grandparents, several years ago. All of my clothes are in my wardrobe and the top of the wardrobe is great for some extra storage, even though it looks kind of cluttered.

My vanity is home to the majority of my beauty products. The stool I sit on it actually the ottoman for my chair. My grandpa made me a matching stool for it, but I needed something that could slide under the vanity when I wasn’t sitting there and a way that the ottoman would not be in the way in front of my chair – and it just so happened to work out perfectly!


Yes, my friends, it does. If you do not feel good in your space, I doubt you will be cranking out tons of great work. And when you feel good in your space, I find that it is easier for me to concentrate on the task at hand.

I also believe you need to reevaluate your space often. Working in your room can provide a lot of distractions, so it can be helpful to find a café nearby or a library to work in as well. Creating the right atmosphere with the proper decor, good playlist, and some snacks to keep you full enable you to be super motivated and productive to check off all of your to-dos!

Especially to those of you who are just moving into your new space for the fall term, take some time to create the right vibe for you to get the most work done. It may seem like you are over-doing it, but I promise, it will make you feel 10x more comfortable and motivated!

What is one change you can make to your room to help up your level of motivation?

With love,

Lena Marie 💕

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